Straw Insulation

On the farm, close to the remnants of the medieval church, there is a little house which was built back in the 70’s when this area was used as a storage facility for a pharmaceutical company. It was the caretaker’s house. The building is not much bigger than 70 square-meters, it has a pitched roof. We will renovate the house this spring and we also add an extra floor to give space to accommodate 8-10 persons. It will be an education centre, community meeting place suitable for workshops, film-screenings, exhibitions and presentations.

We take very seriously the use of sustainable materials and technologies while renovating the building. Running water, heating and electricity will be supplied from renewable or local sources, the architectural solutions increase the energy efficiency of the house. While choosing the building materials, local and environment-friendly technologies are preferred and we try to use local workforce as well. The project is financed by the German Federal Environmental Foundation and supported by the owner of the Fülöp Farm.

We cooperate with the Hungarian Straw-architecture Association and work together on the sustainable insulation of the building. This project is funded by the Norway Civil Grants. The association’s professionals not only provide us with the insulation-material and help with their knowledge, but they also offer public workshops about the technology – so everyone who is interested in this technology can try and learn it while contributing to our centres renovation. We will organize 4-5 days long insulation workshops this April, more detail about these events is coming soon.


Straw insulation has various advantages. It is a great material to insulate buildings, its efficiency is similar to widely used artificial materials, however there is no need to use chemicals and energy to produce it. It is a renewable resource, after being used it can be composted. It is usable as wall structure in wooden framed buildings, but load-bearing walls can also be made out of it. There is only one thing to take care of thoroughly: the wall needs to be protected from water.


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