Site visit to Szőgyén, Slovakia


This site visit, which took place on October 11, was organized in the community development program of the Open Heritage project. One of the main goals of the activities connected to the Pomáz-Nagykovácsi (Glasshill Heritage Laboratory) site is to develop contacts with NGO-s working at Pomáz in the field of… Tovább olvasok

The archaeological mysteries of the Pilis Mountains


CEU held its first Borderless Knowledge (Határtalan Tudás) lecture of this academic year in September. The event asked several questions: why does the heart-shaped area of the Pilis Mountains have a special place in Hungarian culture? What are the archaeological mysteries of Pilis and what tools are being used to… Tovább olvasok

Straw Insulation


On the farm, close to the remnants of the medieval church, there is a little house which was built back in the 70’s when this area was used as a storage facility for a pharmaceutical company. It was the caretaker’s house. The building is not much bigger than 70 square-meters,… Tovább olvasok

Earth Day


Involvement of young talents and university students in the work of the training centre is important for us. We also invite them to contribute to our awareness-raising activities: they help us to show cultural and natural values of the Pilis Biosphere Reserve to the locals. Participants take part in the… Tovább olvasok

Pioneers into Practice volunteers

PiP workshop

In the Fall 2015 two volunteers, Kristina and Lisa helped KÖME in the development process of the exhibition centre and its services. The two German students, study environmental sciences. They contributed to the educational material which aims to show the environmental and historical values in a holistic manner. They contributed… Tovább olvasok

The DBU staff

Árpád Bőczén (KÖME) Architect, cultural heritage manager, community-radio dj. As the president of KÖME he is responsible for the establishment of the education centre at Pomáz and for the renovation of the sustainable exhibition building. His main interests are the relations among architecture, landscape and cultural changes. He takes heritage… Tovább olvasok