Why Glasshill?

On the Farm among many other interesting features you can see an archaeological dig as well. Archaeologists who are working here found out that what we can see here are the remnants of an ancient glass-manufacture. The sand for glass production was transported here from further away, but local wood was used to fuel the stoves. Back in those days, glass was an expensive treasure but the Kings nearby residence secured regular orders for the workers. Archaeologists have found little glass drops and remnants of the stoves among others.

But Glasshill is more than just that. Pilis is an important ecological and geological threshold. If you cross the mountains, you can witness important changes – just as in Hungarian fairy tales. The rich biodiversity is the result of geological and climatic changes. Also many different people have been always living here – the diverse traditions of architecture are showing the different traditions melting together in the region. Pilis was the hunting area of the King, therefore his permission was required to build anything here – this is one of the reasons why the little church on the farm is so special.

If you accept the challenge and cross the glasshill – as it is in the tales – you can discover a new world, you couldn’t imagine before!

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